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Resoco refractory solution joint stock company is leading producer Refractory Castables in Vietnam. Resoco’s main products are Refractory Castables for cement industry, steel industry, boiler furnaces, incinerators and other industrial furnaces.

Business areas


  • Unshaped refractory:  Refractory castables for cement industry, steel industry and others such as boiler furnaces, Waste Incinerator furnaces.
  • Refractory  precasted shapes: Resoco’s precasted shapes products are made from our refractory castables (LC & ULC) product series, depending on particular service conditions. Our products may be prefired, dried or non-dried. We have a special technical solution that enables to produce non-dried precasted shapes that can avoid the cracking and explosion phenomena of precasted shapes when heating up the kiln, even for large sizes precast blocks.

Trading: Import and distribution of:

  • Raw material for refractory products;
  • Heat insulation material: Calcium silicate board, Ceramic fiber, Rock wool;

Facilities and human resources

1. Production plant:

  • Our production plant yields 12,000 tons/year using equipment imported from Germany, Japan, China.
  • Laboratory: Lab room with equipment and facilities imported from Japan, China for input and output quality control.
  • Warehouse: 3000m2 warehouse for stocking material and products

2. Human resources

            Total staff: 30 people including:

  • Management team and technical team: 12 high-profile people with bachelor degree and post-graduate degree
  • Worker: 18 people.

Trading and manufacturing experience.

  • Manufacturing activity: RESOCO’s technical experts, who used to work for Vietnam Institute for Building Materials, have years of experience in doing research and manufacturing building materials, especially refractory material for cement industry.
  • Commercial trading activity: Since 2010, we have imported and distributed raw material for refractory material, rockwool, Ceramic fiber, Calcium silicate board.

Our business vision:

Optimal solution – High quality products – Excellent service

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