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Refracetory castables of cement rotary kilns

RESOCO’s refractory castables (RC) belongs to Low Cement Castables (LC) and...

Refracetory castables of steel reheating furnace

Resoco manufactures refractory concrete (also known as Refractory...

Refractory castables for boiler furnaces

Resoco’s refractory castables for use in boilers in power plants and...

Refractory steel anchors

Our Refractory Anchors are made from imported Stainless Steel grades...

Ramming mixes for induciton furnace

We produce ramming mixes as RAM-84AM, RAM-70AM. Ramming mixer Magnesia as...

Ceramic fiber

Used in industrial furnaces: Ceramic fiber shaped in board, Blanket,...

Cancium silicate board

Calcium Silicat board of various thickness, used to provide insulation for...

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With a team of leading experts in refractory materials (VLCL), we have experience in research, production as well as years of use. We understand that for effective use of VLCL it is necessary to have a deep understanding of VLCL and the operation of industrial furnaces. Therefore, RESOCO always try to bring customers the best and most suitable VLCL products and solutions using optimum VLCL.